Greetings from Louisiana rice country! This year, the blog will concentrate research conducted at the LSU AgCenter Rice Research Station, in addition to showing the progress of a 6-acre field of rice planted March 19 to produce foundation seed. We encourage your comments and thoughts to help improve this online tool. If you would like a photograph of a particular piece of equipment or a better explanation of a process, let us know.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Romaine field is harvested

Because of rain, two days of harvesting were required for Durel Romaine’s 40-acre field near Kaplan. He started Friday, but rain late in the afternoon forced him to stop with just a few acres remaining. Saturday provided enough dry weather to finish.
According to Dr. Johnny Saichuk, LSU AgCenter rice specialist, Romaine’s field of the CL151 variety yielded 56.5 barrels, which is 91.5 hundredweight or 203.4 bushels. Drying the rice to 12 percent moisture will decrease the total to 53.8 barrels, 87 cwt. or 193.5 bushels.
To kick off his second crop, Romaine is flooding the field today and having urea applied at the rate of 200 pounds per acre.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jazzman Field Harvested

The field of Jazzman at the Rice Research Station was harvested yesterday afternoon.
Larry White, manager of the station's foundation seed program, said the yield came out to 50.2 barrels per acre. That also works out to 180.7 bushels per acre, or 8,132 pounds.
It took about 4 hours for the small combine to cut the 6 acres, and it was completed as storm clouds moved over the area. Bill Leonards, farm manager at the station, is at the helm of the combine in the photo above.
The other field featured in this blog on the farm of Durel Romaine is expected to be harvested Wednesday.