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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog fields doing well

The 6-acre field at the Rice Research Station just needs warm weather to boost its growth, according to Larry White, director of the station’s foundation seed program. In the above photo, it shows some growth, but White said warm temperatures are needed.
Night temperatures have been hovering in the 50s. The weekend is predicted to bring warmer temperatures and rain, followed by cooler temperatures.
Meanwhile at the Durel Romaine farm, the 40-acre field of rice has yet to emerge. Dr. Johnny Saichuk, LSU AgCenter rice specialist, said the rice is only a couple of days from emergence, however.
Romaine is currently draining the field after flushing it. He said Wednesday afternoon he had started planting the last field of 170 acres, and that would complete his planting for the year. He had hoped to plant almost 1,000 acres but figures he will end up with roughly 550. Saltwater from Hurricane Ike was the biggest reason for cutting back.
Romaine said he welcomes the rain this weekend because it would flush the fields he is currently drill seeding.

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Anonymous said...

I made some sticky rice over the weekend and realized that I had no knowledge of rice. I found your blog, and just finished reading the 2007 entries. What a fabulous contribution to those of us so remote from farming. It was super to Google more details by using vocabulary from your blog. THANK YOU THANK YOU all of you: scientists, professors, students, farmers...
Chrissy in Boston, MA.